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He has done his best work in a 4-3.Current
Posted On 01/13/2020 02:31:45
Reports have surfaced that the Philadelphia Eagles are trying to trade 2-time Super Bowl champion and 3-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman Michael Bennett. Is it worth it for the Colts to inquire on..."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Colts StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Colts NewsYahoo Colts Team PageYahoo Colts ReportYahoo Colts Depth ChartYahoo Colts TransactionsYahoo Colts PhotosShop About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Should the Colts Trade for Michael Bennett?New Malik Hooker Jersey ,35commentsESTShareTweetShareShareShould the Colts Trade for Michael Bennett?Chuck Cook-USA TODAY SportsReports have surfaced that the Philadelphia Eagles are trying to trade 2-time Super Bowl champion and 3-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman Michael Bennett. Is it worth it for the Colts to inquire on him as a possible trade target? Can he still have an impact despite a lot of tread on his tires?Michael Bennett is 33 years old (will be 34 in November) and has a lot of experience under his belt. He’s been to 3 Super Bowls and has won 2 rings, has 3 seasons with 9 or more sacks, including last season, and is one of the most versatile defensive linemen in the NFL. Bennett possesses the ability to win on the edge or inside. He can play as a 5 technique, a 3 technique or even as a 7 technique. You can place him anywhere and he’ll perform. Bennett has averaged over 8 sacks in the last 4 seasons and has been productive on three different teams and in several different systems. He has done his best work in a 4-3.Current ContractBennett has 2 years remaining on his contract Andrew Luck Jersey White , with a cap hit of $7,200,000 in 2019 and $8,000,000 in 2020. If the Eagles were to retain none of his salary Darius Leonard Jersey White , then the Colts would be on the hook for those amounts. With the Colts cap space at approximately $106 M heading into free agency, they can afford 12 of his contracts, so cap space is not an issue.Trade ValueA 33 year old defensive linemen with a lot of miles isn’t going to fetch a high price. Throw in that the Eagles are actively shopping him and it just reinforces the idea that he’ll probably go for cheap. I can’t imagine a player who doesn’t have more than 2-3 years, with maybe one more top tier season left, getting anything more than a 4th or 5th round pick. If we examine the defensive linemen trades from last season Peyton Manning Jersey , you’ll see that Bennett is worth nothing more than a 5th round pick. Damon Harrison was traded for a 5th round pick at the deadline and I feel that’s a decent comparison for Bennett.Is It Worth It? If we work with the idea that Michael Bennett is worth a 5th round pick, then is it worth trading for him?Yes.How valuable is that 5th round pick? Most 5th round picks don’t have an impact on the team and many fizzle out after a few years. With Michael Bennett, you get a productive and experienced player for one or two seasons. Bennett has always been a good pass rusher and has gotten at least 4 sacks in each of the last 8 seasons. He also hasn’t had any major injury worries in his career, which assures the Colts that he’ll be on the field. So, while this isn’t a long-term move Darius Leonard Jersey , this is the type of move that can take a defense to the next level in the short term. Add a couple of high draft picks and a big signing or two, and the Colts defense can become very good next season. Michael Bennett is the type of player that Super Bowl teams have on their roster when they win it all. I believe this is a good opportunity the Colts should not pass up. It may be hard to avoid Pat McAfee. The former Indianapolis Colts punter is one of the hottest media commodities.McAfee's talk show debuted Monday morning on DAZN (DA'-zone) in the U.S. and Canada as well as Westwood One radio in 40 cities. He also calls Thursday night college football games on ESPN and makes weekly in-season appearances on "Get Up!"As part of the deal with DAZN and Westwood One, McAfee's podcast will expand from two to three times per week. He also will continue to do commentary for World Wrestling Entertainment.It is a pretty impressive portfolio for someone who describes himself as "an anonymous guy who kicked the ball on fourth down.""I'm definitely going to be busy, but I am going to enjoy it," McAfee said before Monday's show. "There is a lot of coordination and planning involved Malik Hooker Jersey White , but it is a dream come true for me and my friends."It also marks DAZN's first talk show as executive vice president Jamie Horowitz expands the network's portfolio beyond boxing and MMA. The show will air weekdays from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. EDT."This is a great moment for DAZN because we are adding more than a talent. We are adding someone who is a brand," Horowitz said. "We are effectively partnering with the small business that is Pat McAfee."McAfee has been on a steady rise since he retired from the NFL after the 2016 season. He worked for Barstool Sports for close to two years before leaving over a disagreement about profit sharing.McAfee said DAZN allows him to expand beyond football. He will contribute to DAZN's nightly MLB "ChangeUp" show while being part of the boxing and MMA coverage.McAfee's show will be based out of Indianapolis most of the week. He will broadcast from the site of his ESPN game on Thursday and in New York on mornings when he appears on "Get Up!""I'm going to try to keep the show upbeat and provide a bit of a mental vacation for those who tune in," McAfee said. "I'm going to enjoy it."Monday's show featured analysis of Sunday's NFL games as well as an interview with WWE executive vice president Paul "Triple H" Levesque.

The box score is far from a telltale sign of a player
Posted On 01/13/2020 02:21:08
We’re heading into week 10 of the 2019 NFL campaign and the Indianapolis Colts are halfway through the season Womens Peyton Manning Jersey , sitting at 5-3. A lot of us didn’t know what to expect when Andrew Luck retired, but the outcome so far has been pretty encouraging.Sure, the team is coming off a disappointing loss against the Steelers, but the boys in blue are still in the playoff hunt and are gearing up to take on the 1-win Miami Dolphins.There aren’t a lot of bright spots on this Miami team, so it wasn’t the easiest task to pick an opponent to spotlight.However, with Preston Williams, a promising young wide receiver, going down for the season, it made sense to take a look at Mike Gesicki – the one who will most likely be filling his shoes.Anyway, without further ado, let’s take a look at how he’s performedin his last 3 games.Looked at all targets against the Jets, Steelers and BillsAthleticism shows up on tapeA lot of people have been worried that Gesicki is a workout warrior whose ridiculous athleticism doesn’t translate to the field.I’m not sure if his combine (his web on mockdraftable is pretty close to a full circle) is completely indicative of his fluidity in pads, but he’s still pretty damn athletic for the tight end position.On this play, Gesicki is split wide right, matched up 1-on-1 with the linebacker. This is a pure mano-a-mano situation, as the safety doesn’t help to his side and all Gesicki has to do is simply outrun his opponent – which is pretty easy for him.He attacks the space between him and the defender, gives a stutter step towards the inside as he reaches the linebacker’s personal space and turns on the jets to completely leave James Burgess in his dust.This was a completely uneven matchup that didn’t lead to a touchdown only because the ball was a tad underthrown.Your browser does not support HTML5 video.The Jets simply could not handle the athleticism of Gesicki and the stat sheet showed that, as it lead to his 6 catch, 95 yard day.So, naturally, here’s another example of Gesicki showing off his change-of-direction ability and swiftness on a deep out route against the same defense.Gesicki is lined up on the right side as a tight-end in a 2-point stance (he almost exclusively lines up in a 2-point stance).Gesicki comes out hot, gives the defender a fake double-move, as if he’s going to try and beat him over the top, and then digs his foot into the ground and sprints towards the boundary. He showcases his superiority in a foot race here, but also (unfortunately for him) displays his slender frame Womens Malik Hooker Jersey , resulting in an easy take-down for the defense, albeit after a large chunk of yardage was already accrued.Your browser does not support HTML5 video.Your browser does not support HTML5 video.One last example from the Jets game here.Gesicki is lined up in-line to the right side in a 2-point stance.He motions left and then back to the right side as a slot receiver.He plants his foot in the grass when the ball is snapped and launches himself forward at full speed.With the defender’s hips turned towards the inside, Gesicki reaches his target and then maneuvers himself almost seamlessly towards the outside.He then releases his burners, once again, and puts the scrambling defender on the floor.He finishes the play by doing a prodigious job of flashing his hands and bringing the ball in, rather than allowing it to hit his chest – another aspect of receiving that Gesicki is rather methodical at.Your browser does not support HTML5 video.Your browser does not support HTML5 video.I won’t bore you to death with his ability to shift directions and showcase speed at his highest gear, but I want to display one more play before we move to the next topic.You may or may not recall, but Tremaine Edmunds entered the league a few years back and is considered one of the most athletic young linebackers in the NFL. Edmunds is covering Gesicki on this play and gets behind a bit – which ultimately manifests as a holding penalty.Gesicki is number 88 and is lined up as the tight end on the right side, again, in a 2-point stance.He’s going to run a post route here and before reaching his cut, gives Edmunds two fake-out steps, one to the inside and one to the outside.Once his foot hits that outside step, he explodes back in and gives Edmunds a swim move.Edmunds does a nice job of recovering but is aided by a hold, which is flagged.This wasn’t a completed pass but Gesicki puts his athletic prowess on display despite that.Your browser does not support HTML5 video.Finds the soft spot in zoneGesicki is clearly doing an impressive job of learning how to find the soft spots in zone coverage and how to adjust his speeds to find himself in the proper pockets.On this play, Gesicki is lined up to Fitzpatrick’s left side, as a tight end in a 2-point stance.He runs up the seam, gets behind the underneath defender, sees the over the top defender, slows his route and finds himself right where the open patch of grass exists between 3 Jets’ players.He whips his head around, flashes his hands and does a great job of making sure his body is shielding any oncoming tacklers at the same time.Again, he goes down pretty easily, as running after the catch is not one of his strong suits, but his intelligence results in a sizable play anyways.Your browser does not support HTML5 video.Here, Gesicki is originally lined up far right in a stack formation. He motions inside to the slot position on the right side. He does a nifty job of impeding the trajectory of the oncoming blitzer,then continues his route from there. He runs to daylight between the 2 underneath defenders and the 3rd oncoming tackler Darius Leonard Jersey White , and gets his hands out to make a nice catch while simultaneously shielding himself from a blow using his body (again).So, pretty much a replication of the last play.Your browser does not support HTML5 video.Your browser does not support HTML5 video.Body control and hands-catchingGesicki is not just a slim-trim with the ability to run like a gazelle but also showcases the aptitude to catch the ball at a high level.I have shown some of his prowess in using his hands, rather than his body, to finish catches, so let’s take a look at his ability to adjust to the ball in the air, while concurrently continuing to show off his mitts.Again, Gesicki is lined up on the left side, as a tight end in a 2-point stance.He runs a wheel route up the seam with a linebacker right on his tail – which causes Fitzpatrick to throw it where only Gesicki can get it.The ball finds Gesicki near his feet, towards his back shoulder, so he essentially rolls over onto his butt, which allows him to make an incredible catch and give his team a first down on 3rd and 9.Your browser does not support HTML5 video.Your browser does not support HTML5 video.This next play was called back for holding, but that doesn’t take away from the spectacle Gesicki exhibits.This time, Gesicki is lined up in a 3-point stance as the tight end on the right side of the formation.Again, Gesicki finds the weak spot in the zone and allows himself to be open in between several defenders.With a multitude of Bills’ players barreling down on him, the ball is thrown over his head.He leaps into the air, while turning towards his back shoulder, stretches out his arms and brings it in all while being torpedoed by the over the top defensive back.It seriously can’t be understated how insane this catch is. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.Your browser does not support HTML5 video.Run BlockingNow, I’ll make this pretty brief – Gesicki is far from a scary run blocker and the Miami Dolphins know that to be true.As a result, he isn’t used in the run game much – acting as a decoy on the rare occasion he is utilized.Even still, despite that fact, there are a few examples of him getting ‘involved’ and they will be presented below.This next video is one of his only decent reps in the run game.Gesicki is lined up in a 2-point stance to the right side of the formation as a tight end.He simply starts off as a decoy, running a route down the field, but he finds himself in front of a defender towards the latter part of the play.On this occasion, he actually manages to get his hands inside the defender’s shoulders (Burgess really did not have a good day against the Dolphins) and maneuver him towards the left side, allowing Mark Walton a cut-back lane.Your browser does not support HTML5 video.I won’t say much about these next few plays – except that he simply is never going to be an all-around tight end and was never really expected to be.Here’s why:Gesicki is number 88 Andrew Luck Jersey White , just look out for him on these next 2 repsYour browser does not support HTML5 video.Your browser does not support HTML5 video.Again, he is a rather inept blocker, but we knew that about him coming out of college, so no surprises there.ConclusionGesicki is NOT a bust, as much as certain people on social media might tell you that he is. The box score is far from a telltale sign of a player’s worth and this is a relatively significant case of that. Gesicki is an athletic tight end that might give the Colts zone-heavy scheme some trouble, even with the newfound emphasis on speedy linebackers in Indianapolis. I would watch out for Bobby Okereke to be more involved this game, and potentially an activated Quincy Wilson if he can prove his worth in practice – or perhaps Marvell Tell will be able to play this role with Pierre Desir potentially returning. Irrespective of those details, Gesicki is an uber-athlete that will get by slower defenders and is able to make acrobatic grabs over smaller ones.He’s not the most polished route runner yet but has still shown capability and growth in that department – while also displaying a keen sense of finding the open space against a zone defense.He’s clearly not much of a blocker and I don’t consider him a particularly threatening runner, either.Still, he’s a player I’d watch out for on snaps where the Dolphins really need a big play or a first down, as he seems to be a dependable receiver in those situations for them.Overall, he’s not quite a finished product and still has a ways to go, but still, I was much more impressed with Gesicki than I thought I would be.He has the makings to become a fairly productive player in a better situation, or even in the second half of 2019 — let’s just hope he doesn’t continue his upward trajectory this Sunday. NFL offseasons are full of player movement, coaching change and other upheaval that can make teams look completely different than they were when the previous season came to an end.There are exceptions to every rule and the Colts were a notable one this offseason. They had no major changes to their coaching staff or front office and they have 21-of-22 starters back from a team that went to the divisional round of the playoffs last year.Center Ryan Kelly said it “makes it a lot easier” to get ready for a season when everyone is already on the same page and offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni said “everything was faster” this year than it was with new pieces all over the place in 2018.“You always lose guys to retirement, free agency,” Sirianni said, via “So this is a unique situation where we have all of our key players back, ready to go and build off what we did last year. So this is somewhat new territory for me.”The Colts did add some new pieces like pass rusher Justin Houston and wide receiver Devin Funchess, but the basic plan in Indianapolis is to let last year’s team pick up where it left off.

The Cowboys dropped its first game following
Posted On 01/13/2020 01:59:36
The Giants won’t have as many open practices as their divisional rivals in Dallas or Washington during training camp this summer Womens Taco Charlton Jersey , but they’re well ahead of Philadelphia.The team announced its plans for camp on Thursday. There will be 10 practices open to the public at the team’s training center, which is a stone’s throw from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.Giants veterans are set to report to camp on July 24 and the first open practice will be held on the afternoon of July 25. Attendance and parking at all 10 practices will be free, although the Giants suggest fans register in advance in order to ensure there’s space for them to watch Daniel Jones, Eli Manning and players vying for other spots on the roster.The final open practice will come on August 13, which is a few days before the Giants will face the Bears in their second preseason game of the summer. The Dallas Cowboys just completed a remarkable, and fun, mid-season turnaround that saw them sweep the Philadelphia Eagles, give the New Orleans Saints one of their only two legitimate losses Taco Charlton Jersey , and Amari Cooper burst onto the scene as a bona fide weapon for this offense.Unfortunately, the loss to the Los Angeles Rams has caused some of the passionate Dallas Cowboys fan base to lose sight of what this team accomplished in 2018. Sure, it is frustrating that the Divisional Round has been this franchise’s ceiling for over two decades.; however, the Cowboys won eight of their last nine games to win both the NFC East and the Wild Card playoff game after beginning the season with a 3-5 record. Ezekiel Elliott once again led the league in rushing, the defense took a big step under the guidance of Kris Richard, and the trade for Amari Cooper proved to be a huge move for both the immediate and long-term future of America’s Team.Perhaps one of the biggest developments over the second half of the NFL season was that the Cowboys received the answer that they were looking for when they pulled the trigger and made the move for Cooper: Dak Prescott is the franchise quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsIt is well-documented just how historic and impressive Dak Prescott’s rookie season in the NFL was. Between leading Dallas to 13 wins after Tony Romo went down in the preseason to accomplishing big victories in Pittsburgh over the Steelers and at Lambeau Field versus the Packers, and going toe-to-toe with Aaron Rodgers in his first ever playoff appearance, Prescott began his professional career on fire. Things began to trend downwards in his second season. Prescott began the season, aside from the total disaster against the Broncos Womens Demarcus Lawrence Jersey , very well. In fact, Dak was putting up as good as numbers as anybody during the first half of the 2017 season.Then, the Ezekiel Elliott suspension came down. Roger Goodell and the NFL suspended Elliott for six games in the 2017 season, despite some heavy efforts from Zeke and Jerry Jones to fight it off. At the same time, Tyron Smith was battling injuries and the offensive line had its struggles — starting with the Atlanta game in which Adrian Clayborn introduced himself to the world with six sacks in one game and effectively ending Chaz Green’s career in Dallas. Everything that could go wrong, was going wrong. As a result, Prescott predictably struggled.Fast forward to this season. The offense opened the year in mediocre fashion — failing to score against the Panthers until the fourth quarter. The passing game looked out of sorts, Zeke struggled to get things going, and the play-calling was heavily scrutinized. The Cowboys dropped a game to Washington Leighton Vander Esch Jersey White , thanks in part to a phantom snap infraction call, and it was clear that things needed to change with the offense. Dallas decided to make two big moves during the following off week: first, the Cowboys parted ways with its 2019 first-round draft pick for a young Pro Bowl-caliber wideout. Then, Marc Colombo replaced Paul Alexander as the coach of the offensive line. Both of these moves proved to be huge for the offense and Dak Prescott, as Cooper went on to have an incredible season in silver and blue and the offensive line played better for the most part. The Cowboys dropped its first game following the moves, but then the team found its groove en route to winning all but one game to close the regular season. The offense went from near the very bottom of the league in third down conversions to the best, Michael Gallup developed nicely as an option opposite of Cooper, and Prescott found himself a go-to weapon that he hadn’t had. The Cowboys did get blanked in Indianapolis, but the team showed signs of life on the offensive side of the ball for the most part. Was it elite? No. That’s why Scott Linehan is not back. But Dak Prescott Jersey White , Prescott looked much more comfortable during the last ten games of the season.Prescott’s stretch from the second half of the 2017 season until the move for Amari Cooper has dampened some perceptions of Dak Prescott, but the reality is that Prescott has been a very solid signal caller for the Cowboys — especially for someone that just completed his third season in the league.One of the biggest criticisms of Prescott’s game is his trouble with accuracy. To a certain degree, that is fair. Prescott does miss some throws and have some plays that he would like back, but that can be said for every quarterback — albeit some more than others. Despite some of the overboard narratives, Prescott’s completion percentage stacks up pretty well compared to the NFL average.Dak’s QBR is also pretty impressive:Prescott played with much more poise after the addition of Cooper and the growth of Gallup. He still had some trouble making quick decisions and trusting his ability to get out of trouble a little too much, but Prescott had found the confidence he had during the pre-Zeke suspension. Some of these throws are incredible and demonstrate just how Prescott is growing and becoming a better player.Is Prescott a finished product? No. He is not the gunslinger that Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers are and does not have the first-round draft pick status that Carson Wentz, Deshaun Watson, and Mitchell Tribusky have; however, Prescott is a player that has shown that he knows how to put his team in position to get victories more often than not. Nobody has more game-winning drives than Prescott since the Cowboys quarterback entered the league.Furthermore Womens Emmitt Smith Jersey , it is no secret that the players in the locker room love Prescott. They go to battle for him and celebrate when he makes plays such as his huge third-and-14 conversion against the Seahawks to clinch his first career playoff win. That’s huge when talking about the quarterback of your franchise.The Dallas Cowboys failed to reach the NFC Championship this season, but they did discover that Dak Prescott is the franchise quarterback of America’s Team. Now, let’s hope the offensive coordinator hire continues to develop Prescott and bring the best out of number 4.

He's key part of league's No. 1 rushing
Posted On 01/13/2020 01:49:18
Coach Sean Payton’s New Orleans Saints have handled adversity all season Alvin Kamara Jersey , and their resilience was on display again in their latest triumph.Their 34-31 victory over Carolina on Wil Lutz’s last-second, 33-yard field goal despite another significant injury, a slew of costly penalties and two fourth-quarter turnovers.New Orleans (9-2) can clinch the NFC South with four games left by beating Atlanta on Thursday night, a significant achievement considering Drew Brees missed five games with a thumb injury earlier in the season.“We can’t look past some of the things that need to be addressed so in a later game it doesn’t come back to bite us, but that all being said, that was a good grit win,” Payton said Monday. “I was proud we fought through it.”Several setbacks easily could have pointed the game in the other direction.Second-team All-Pro offensive tackle Terron Armstead left with an ankle injury on the second series and did not return, forcing the Saints to play without two key linemen. Starting guard Andrus Peat has been out since breaking his arm against Atlanta on Nov. 10, but New Orleans still finished with 418 yards.The Saints were penalized 12 times for 123 yards, and several were crucial. An unnecessary roughness flag on defensive end Cam Jordan prolonged a Carolina possession that appeared to end with a second consecutive sack. It turned into a mammoth 17-play, 68-yard touchdown drive at the end of the first half.A replay review of a challenge by Carolina coach Ron Rivera resulted in a pass interference call on rookie defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, giving the Panthers a first-and-goal at the 3 with 2:21 left.Instead of wilting at being on the wrong end of a rule change put in place because of the lack of an interference flag on the Los Angeles Rams against the Saints near the end of regulation in last season’s NFC championship game, the defense drove Carolina back 7 yards on the next three plays Marshon Lattimore Jersey White , leading to a missed field goal.Brees, who had thrown an interception at midfield earlier in the quarter, then led an 11-play, 65-yard drive for the winning points.It was not pretty until then, but the Saints will take it.After going 5-0 while Brees was sidelined by a thumb injury earlier in the season, the Saints can earn the top seed in the NFC playoffs by winning their next five with him.“If you give (Brees) the ball with the targets he has with that much time on the clock, we can go out there and be able to score on anybody,” tight end Jared Cook said. “That’s how good he is and that’s how good we are collectively as a team when a game’s on the line and we need those points.”WHAT’S WORKINGBrees and the passing game are clicking as if he never missed time. Since his return against Arizona, he is 124 of 162 (76.5 percent) for 1,199 yards and nine touchdowns with two interceptions for a passer rating of 110.1 in four games.WHAT NEEDS HELPThe Saints are racking up 7.8 penalties per game, the second-highest number in Payton’s 14-year tenure behind 2015, including an abnormally high frequency of holding and hands to the face calls.“It’s troubling,” Payton said. “It’s going to cost us in a bigger game , so we’ve got to work on that and that starts certainly with me and our staff. It’s something we definitely have to improve on.”STOCK UPAfter a slow start, Cook has been everything the Saints thought he would be when they signed him in the offseason as a free agent. His 99 receiving yards were a season high, and he scored a touchdown for the fourth time in five games.STOCK DOWNSafety Marcus Williams missed a tackle on Carolina running back Christian McCaffrey’s scoring run and also was penalized 29 yards for pass interference in the end zone, setting up the Panthers’ tying touchdown in the fourth quarter.INJUREDArmstead’s ankle injury could be another setback in his injury-filled career. An All-Pro caliber performer when he is on the field, he never has played more than 14 games in his seven years in the NFL.KEY NUMBER104 — The receptions for wide receiver Michael Thomas, the most after 11 games in NFL history. Marvin Harrison had the previous high with 100 for the Colts in 2003.NEXT STEPSThe Saints can clinch the NFC South by winning at Atlanta on Thanksgiving night. The Falcons (3-8) beat the Saints 26-9 on Nov. 10 as a 14-point underdog. After that comes a date with San Francisco that could help decide the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs. NEW ORLEANS (10-1) at DALLAS (6-5)Thursday, 8:20 p.m. ET, FoxOPENING LINE 鈥?Saints by 7RECORD VS. SPREAD 鈥?Saints 9-2, Cowboys 6-5SERIES RECORD 鈥?Cowboys lead 16-12LAST MEETING 鈥?Saints 26 beat Cowboys 20, OT, Oct. 4, 2015LAST WEEK 鈥?Saints beat Falcons 31-17; Cowboys beat Redskins 31-23AP PRO32 RANKING 鈥?Saints No. 1; Cowboys No. 12SAINTS OFFENSE 鈥?OVERALL (5), RUSH (6) Womens Marshon Lattimore Jersey , PASS (6)SAINTS DEFENSE 鈥?OVERALL (15), RUSH (1), PASS (30)COWBOYS OFFENSE 鈥?OVERALL (25), RUSH (5), PASS (28)COWBOYS DEFENSE 鈥?OVERALL (8), RUSH (T4), PASS (12)STREAKS, STATS AND NOTES 鈥?Saints can clinch NFC South title with win and Carolina loss Sunday at Tampa Bay. ... Cowboys trying to maintain at least tie for NFC East lead. ... With win, Saints can perfectly match Cowboys from two years ago with 11 straight victories following season-opening loss. Dallas set franchise record with its run in 2016. New Orleans opened Super Bowl-winning 2009 season with 13 straight victories before home loss to Cowboys started three-game skid. ... Saints have won nine of past 11 in series after losing 14 of first 17. ... Saints lead NFL in points per game (37.2) and differential (plus-153). Cowboys fourth in points allowed (19.3). ... Saints QB Drew Brees seeks fifth straight game with at least three touchdown passes and 110 passer rating. Brees leads NFL with 76.4 completion percentage, 127.3 rating. ... RB Alvin Kamara is second in NFL with 15 scrimmage TDs. Since 2017, Kamara (28) and Mark Ingram (17) are only NFC pair with 15 or more scrimmage TDs. ... WR Michael Thomas second in NFL with 86 catches, fourth with 1,080 yards receiving. ... TE Dan Arnold Alvin Kamara Jersey White , rookie WR Keith Kirkwood each had first career TD catch last week. ... DE Cameron Jordan had two sacks last week, giving him team-leading eight. He's key part of league's No. 1 rushing defense trying to slow Dallas RB Ezekiel Elliott, who has three straight games with at least 120 yards rushing. ... Cowboys QB Dak Prescott threw for season-high 289 yards last week. Prescott leads NFL QBs with seven games with at least two TDs passing, one TD rushing since entering league in 2016. He has rushing TD in career-best three straight games. ... Elliott can tie career best with fourth straight 100-yard rushing game. He overtook Todd Gurley for NFL lead last week (1,074 yards rushing to 1,043) while Rams had bye. Elliott has 18 100-yard games since joining league in 2016; no other player has more than 12. He's averaging 161 scrimmage yards with four TDs in past four games. ... WRs Amari Cooper, Allen Hurns each had 100-yard game in only previous meeting with Saints with other teams. Cooper had six catches, 137 yards with Oakland in 2016, Hurns eight catches for 107 yards with Jacksonville in 2015. ... Cooper's 90-yard touchdown against Redskins tied for third-longest catch in club history. ... DE DeMarcus Lawrence had first career interception last week. He has at least half-sack in three of past four games following three-game sackless streak. ... LB Jaylon Smith needs five tackles for first 100-tackle season, according to coaches' count. ... Fantasy tip: Brees averaging 384 yards passing with 11 TDs, 1 INT in past four games against Cowboys.

Strengths: Flores has spoken of establishing
Posted On 01/08/2020 00:58:36
MIAMI DOLPHINS (7-9)New faces: Coach Brian Flores Marcus Davenport Jersey White , QBs Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen, DT Christian Wilkins, CBs Eric Rowe and Johnson Bademosi, DE Nate Orchard, LBs Sam Eguavoen and Vince Biegel, OT Julién Davenport, Gs Shaq Calhoun and Michael Deiter, WR Preston Williams.Key losses: Coach Adam Gase, QBs Ryan Tannehill and Brock Osweiler Womens Marcus Davenport Jersey , LT Laremy Tunsil, DEs Cameron Wake, William Hayes, Andre Branch, and Robert Quinn, RB Frank Gore, WRs Kenny Stills and Danny Amendola, OTs Sam Young and Ja’Wuan James, LB Kiko Alonso Marshon Lattimore Jersey White , S T.J. McDonald, DT Akeem Spence, G Josh Sitton, TE MarQueis Gray.Strengths: Flores has spoken of establishing winning culture, but winning will likely have to wait a while. Veteran Fitzpatrick won quarterback competition to start opener and provides veteran leadership for team that may be NFL’s youngest. He’ll have solid receiving corps to work with, along with two good RBs in Kenyan Drake and Kalen Ballage. Secondary led by CB Xavien Howard is strength of shaky defense.Weaknesses: Games are won up front, and that’s where Dolphins are likely to lose them. OL is bigger mess than ever in wake of Tunsil’s departure in trade with Saints. Dolphins had only 31 sacks last year, fourth-lowest total in league, and then lost four DEs in offseason. That makes biggest issue on defense finding ways to generate pass rush. Flores will mix 3-4 and 4-3 schemes and play up to six DBs in attempt to hide deficiencies.Fantasy Player To Watch: At age 36 , Fitzpatrick is likely to be as inconsistent as ever. He topped 400 yards passing in first three games last season with Bucs, and might have big game or two for Miami before being replaced by Rosen.Vegas Says: Win Super Bowl 300-1. Over/under wins 4 1/2.Expectations: It has been 19 years since Dolphins won playoff game, and that streak will continue. Even before trading Tunsil, Stills and Alonso at end of exhibition season, Dolphins had NFL’s longest Super Bowl odds and were widely expected to have league’s worst record. By year’s end Dolphins will have had 21 starting QBs since Dan Marino. Fitzpatrick will set NFL record by throwing pass for his eighth team. Expect Rosen to start as some point as he’s given chance to show whether he can be franchise quarterback. Aside from his play and Flores’ navigation of rocky season, biggest drama will be how Dolphins position themselves to take QB early in 2020 draft.Fleur-de-Links, September 19: Saints sign Jay Bromley | Payton looking for more from TEs Saints news:Saints Film Room: Defense shows improvement in Week 2 but still needs tweaking – The AthleticThe Saints' defense showed some signs of improvement in its Week 2 win over the Browns, but there were still some things to work on. Deuce takes a look at both sides in this film study.Saints film room: Did bringing back a play against Tampa Bay set up a look against the Browns? | Saints | theadvocate.comThe New Orleans Saints, like every other team in the NFL Womens Marshon Lattimore Jersey , are known to find inspiration from other teams' playbooks.One-time Saints center Olin Kreutz: I threw Drew Brees against a wallFormer Chicago Bears center Olin Kreutz was nominated for the Hall of Fame, and recounted what ended his stint with the New Orleans SaintsSaints re-signing defensive tackle Jay Bromley | NOLA.comBromley was among the team's final cuts before the season.Idaho native Taysom Hill nearly returns kickoff for a Saints TD | Idaho StatesmanFor the first time in his NFL career, Pocatello native Taysom Hill returned kicks in the New Orleans Saints’ 21-18 victory Sunday over the Cleveland Browns. Hill nearly scored on a 47-yard return in the third quarter.First Look: Banged-up Falcons await Saints in Atlanta | Saints | theadvocate.comWHEN: NoonSheldon Rankins glad to get first sack early, but looking for many more | NOLA.comRankins didn't get his first sack in 2017 until Week 10Sean Payton: 'We have to be better at the tight end position' | NOLA.comBenjamin Watson and Josh Hill haven't done enough through two games, per the coach.Around the NFL:Falcons release official depth chart for Saints’ gameWith Andy Levitre out for the season, Wes Schweitzer isprovi the proverbial next man up at left guar...Questions about Vic Beasley’s production, what to expect from the Saints, the Falcons’ defenseYou’ve got questions about the Falcons and we’ve got answers – Straight form the ’BeekPro Football Hall of Famers demand NFL health insurance, salaries | Fox BusinessThe NFL earned an estimated $14 billion in revenue during its 2017 league year.Chargers' Corey Liuget sues trainer over NFL suspensionThe Chargers’ Corey Liuget is suing his former trainer over a failed performance-enhancing drug test that resulted in the defensive tackle’s current four-game suspension.Buccaneers' Jameis Winston reportedly being sued by Uber driver who accused him of groping - CBSSports.comAn attorney for the woman said that she is 'unimpressed by his continued lack of honesty''It's a Circus There': Antonio Brown No-Show Confirms Tomlin Has Lost Steelers | Bleacher Report | Latest News Alvin Kamara Jersey White , Videos and HighlightsFor those of us who likePittsburgh SteelerscoachMike Tomlin , there is a hard truth that must be said: He has lost his locker room...LSUCFB: Joe Burrow’s poise, usual suspects on defense, Cole Tracy’s foot among reasons why LSU is 3-0 – The AthleticNot many expected the LSU Tigers to start the season 3-0, yet here they are. Here are a few reasons why.Feldman: Getting to the heart of LSU football – The AthleticEd Orgeron and the Tigers have excelled in the face of two great challenges this season, and they know the their task is just beginning.College Football Power Rankings: LSU joins Alabama in top two, Oklahoma State enters - CBSSports.comDennis Dodd's new college football rankings see some SEC dominance at the topCollege football picks: Who are our experts' Week 4 best bets? | SI.comOur experts went 3-1 with their best bets last week, what are their four favorite plays in Week 4's college football action?

To me he was a classic case of us doing our best to
Posted On 01/08/2020 00:51:36
FRISCO Womens Taco Charlton Jersey , Texas (AP) — Trysten Hill didn’t have a happy ending at Central Florida, where the defensive tackle appeared to fall out of favor with the coaching staff after Scott Frost left for Nebraska.The Dallas Cowboys showed little concern for that history while drafting an interior defensive lineman before the third round for the first time in almost 30 years. After the two biggest moves of the offseason involved their pass rush, the Cowboys kept the focus on the defensive front with their first pick of the draft, taking Hill 58th overall in the second round Friday night.Dallas, which didn’t have a first-round pick because of a trade last season for receiver Amari Cooper, took Penn State offensive lineman Connor McGovern with the 90th overall pick in the third round. Hill and McGovern skipped their senior seasons to enter the draft.The 308-pound Hill wasn’t happy with his playing time when the Golden Knights lost to LSU in the Fiesta Bowl Taco Charlton Jersey , ending a 25-game winning streak. He started just once in 12 games after starting all 13 games in both seasons under Frost.But Hill and Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli hit it off during the process leading to the draft, including a meeting that Hill remembered the night before his NFL combine workout in February.“He wants the best out of me and I want to give him everything I got,” Hill said. “Him taking hold of me in this whole process and me being able to call him and chat with him and just hear his voice was huge in this whole ordeal.”Coach Jason Garrett said the Cowboys spent time with Frost and the staff that was with Hill his first two years. Garrett said they “endorsed him highly, both as a player and as a person.”That was enough for Dallas to take a defensive tackle before the third round for the first time since drafting Russell Maryland first overall in 1991.“We got very comfortable with that question because we had the same question everybody else had,” Garrett said. “He played well in ’17 and then is not a starter in ’18. What’s going on there? He’s still a young guy. He’s still maturing. The stuff that we think is most important. He loves ‘ball. He wants to work at it. He wants to be great. He wants to be part of something special. We feel like he has all those qualities.”Despite a strained relationship with the coaching staff, Hill was productive in his final season with UCF Womens Demarcus Lawrence Jersey , recording career highs with 36 tackles, three sacks and 10 1/2 tackles for loss. He had six tackles, three for loss and two sacks in a 56-41 win over Memphis in the American Athletic Conference championship game.“I think I’m a dominant, tenacious player, and everything’s a competition,” Hill said. “That’s how I was raised. That’s what I’m going to do day in and day out. I’m excited to get to work because I know that’s how Marinelli preaches.”Marinelli says he plans to use Hill in the same position as Maliek Collins Leighton Vander Esch Jersey White , a three-year starter going into the final year of his rookie contract.Defensive line was the top choice in the draft for the Cowboys after they made star pass rusher DeMarcus Lawrence the highest-paid player in franchise history with a $105 million, five-year contract and acquired defensive end Robert Quinn from Miami in a trade.McGovern brings the versatility the Cowboys covet with offensive linemen. He played guard as a freshman with the Nittany Lions, center as a sophomore and mostly guard his final season in 2018.“To me he was a classic case of us doing our best to look up at the board and say, ‘Who’s the best player up there?'” Garrett said. “He for us was by far the best player at that time. Exactly what we want in our offensive linemen. He’s smart, he’s tough, he loves to play the game.”The Cowboys go into Saturday with four picks in the final four rounds: two in the fourth and one each in the fifth and seventh rounds. NEW YORK (AP) — Ezekiel Elliott won’t be suspended over an incident in Las Vegas that police said involved an altercation between the star running back of the Dallas Cowboys and a security guard.The NFL said Wednesday that Commissioner Roger Goodell determined Elliott didn’t violate the league’s personal conduct policy. The two-time rushing champion was suspended for six games in 2017 over domestic violence allegations.Goodell met with Elliott on Tuesday “to reinforce the standards of conduct expected of him and the consequences for failing to meet those standards Dak Prescott Jersey White ,” the league said. Elliott tweeted a statement after the meeting acknowledging a “poor decision” in Las Vegas and vowing to avoid “compromised situations” in the future.Elliott was handcuffed but not arrested in an early morning incident at a music festival in May at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Police said Elliott pushed a security guard to the ground. Cellphone video obtained by the celebrity website TMZ showed a member of the event staff stumbling over a parking barrier as Elliott ran into him.When he was suspended, Elliott was warned to avoid run-ins with law enforcement.The NFL said it concluded Elliott didn’t violate league policy based on interviews with witnesses and others involved in the incident, along with other information.

If he doesn’t,Kessler likely cuts up field for a gain on the play
Posted On 01/07/2020 22:56:44
Every week we bring you all the inactives from the 1 p.m. ET games in one post Andrew Luck Jersey , constantly updated with the latest information. Check back to see the full list as it becomes available 90 minutes ahead of kickoff.Seahawks at FalconsSeahawks: S Delano Hill, DL Quinton Jefferson, WR Gary Jennings, CB Tre Flowers, S Quandre Diggs, WR John Ursua, RB C.J. ProsiseFalcons: QB Matt Ryan, CB Desmond Trufant, G James Carpenter, RB Ito Smith, RB Qadree Ollison, DL Deadrin Senat, CB D.J. WhiteBuccaneers at TitansBuccaneers: TE O.J. Howard, G Alex Cappa, LB Jack Cichy, CB M.J. Stewart, C Nate Trewyn, DE Patrick O'Connor, WR Amara DarbohTitans: TE Delanie Walker, CB Adoree' Jackson, LB Sharif Finch, CB Chris Milton, WR Darius Jennings, OL Aaron Stinnie, OL Kevin PamphileEagles at BillsEagles: LB Nigel Bradham, WR DeSean Jackson, T Jason Peters, RB Darren Sproles, DT Timmy Jernigan, CB Avonte Maddox, G Nate HerbigBills: RB T.J. Yeldon, WR Isaiah McKenzie, TE Tommy Sweeney, OL Ryan Bates, G Ike Boettger, LB Matt Milano, S Kurt ColemanChargers at BearsChargers: QB Easton Stick, RB Justin Jackson, K Michael Badgley Womens Darius Leonard Jersey , LB Jatavis Brown, DT Brandon Mebane, DT Justin Jones, DT Cortez BroughtonBears: DB Duke Shelley, LB Josh Woods, LB Kevin Pierre-Louis, OL Alex Bars, TE Bradley Sowell, WR Riley Ridley, DL Brent UrbanGiants at LionsGiants: WR Sterling Shepard, CB Corey Ballentine, LB Devante Downs, LB Tae Davis, G Chad Slade, T Eric Smith, QB Alex TanneyLions: CB Darius Slay, DT Mike Daniels, CB Amani Oruwariye, QB David Blough, G Beau Benschawel, DL Kevin Strong, OL Oday AboushiBroncos at ColtsBroncos: CB Bryce Callahan, S Will Parks, T Jake Rodgers, T Calvin Anderson, TE Troy Fumagalli, DL Jonathan Harris, DE Adam GotsisColts: WR Deon Cain, OL Le’Raven Clark, DT Carl Davis, CB Pierre Desir, DL Tyquan Lewis, RB Jonathan Williams, CB Quincy WilsonBengals at Rams (in London)Bengals: WR A.J. Green, CB Darqueze Dennard, T Cordy Glenn, CB Dre Kirkpatrick, DE Carl Lawson, G John Miller Peyton Manning Jersey White , QB Jake DolegalaRams: RB Malcolm Brown, LB Clay Matthews, LB Bryce Hager, S Jake Gervase, OL Austin Corbett, OL Jamil Demby, DT Greg GainesCardinals at SaintsCardinals: RB David Johnson, DE Zach Allen, RB D.J. Foster, WR KeeSean Johnson, RB Alfred Morris, OL Lamont Gaillard, DL Michael DogbeSaints: RB Alvin Kamara, TE Jared Cook, CB Patrick Robinson, WR Tre'Quan Smith, OL Nick Easton, OL Ethan Greenidge, DE Carl GrandersonJets at JaguarsJets: LB C.J. Mosley, TE Chris Herndon, T Kelvin Beachum, DL Henry Anderson, LB Neville Hewitt, LB Albert McClellan, RB Trenton CannonJaguars: DT Dontavius Russell, WR C.J. Board, OL Brandon Thomas, RB Devine Ozigbo, LB Leon Jacobs, LB Najee Goode, LB Quincy Williams Despite losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Indianapolis Colts’ defense put together one of their best performances of the season. They were able to hold the Jaguars to just 6 points on the afternoon and only gave up 211 total yards and 11 first downs. Players such as Kenny Moore II, Anthony Walker, and Margus Hunt all had stellar games but nobody stood out quite as much as Denico Autry.Autry has been quite productive in his first season with the Colts, coming off of a solid season with the Raiders last year. Despite missing four games this year due to injury, Autry has tallied 29 tackles, 7 tackles for a loss, and 6 sacks on the season. These stats are boosted by a huge game on Sunday where he accumulated 7 tackles, 3 sacks Womens Andrew Luck Jersey , and 2 forced fumbles.Autry has had a few stand out games and I’ve basically been begging my Twitter followers for weeks to choose him for one of my Film Rooms. Autry broke out on Sunday and it is finally time to jump into some of his film. Let’s see just how dominant Autry really was on Sunday.Film AnalysisFor our first play, Autry does a good job of penetrating inside, forcing Carlos Hyde to bounce outside. He holds his lineman at the point of attack and linebacker Anthony Walker is able to come in for the tackle. Typically that is the end of the play but Autry does a good job of turning, locating Hyde, and knocking the ball loose for a fumble. Great hustle and a heads up play.This next clip is the first of Autry’s three sacks on the day. This is a rough rep for Jaguars guard A.J Cann— which was a common theme all day— as Autry pushes him back into Cody Kessler’s face. Autry knocks Cann off-balance early in his set, setting up the bull rush. He then drives Cann puts him “on skates,” driving him into the pocket. Kessler tries to bail from the pocket but runs right into Autry. This is a solid rush with a little help from Kessler.This is an outstanding rep on run defense for Autry. He starts the play with excellent quickness and is able to swim past right tackle Jermy Parnell. Autry engages both the fullback— Tommy Bohanon— and the pulling left guard—Patrick Omameh— in the hole. By taking on this double team in the hole, he frees up the linebackers to have a free shot on the runner. Great play. Our next clip is a big third-and-one early in the game, and Autry hits T.J Yeldon in the backfield. Autry is bigger, faster, and stronger than Cann. He extends his arms and drives Cann towards the center. Autry gets his head up and spots the running back, easily discards Cann and wraps up Yeldon. This likely would have been a loss on the play if Clayton Geathers continued to drive his feet through the tackle. It was still a solid play by Autry.In this clip, Autry is initially double teamed by center Tyler Shatley and left guard Omameh. Once Margus Hunt works around on the stunt, Autry is basically triple teamed. Realizing he has little chance to get through three linemen, Autry spies the QB and reacts to Kessler. Once Kessler bails from the pocket, Autry is in perfect position to pursue and make the tackle. He nearly ends up with another sack.On the very next play, Autry shows excellent hustle to track down Kessler on the sideline. Autry has a pretty nice initial rush, using a long-arm move to drive Omameh into the pocket. Once he gets penetration, Kessler bails. Autry shows great hustle in pursuit. If he doesn’t,Kessler likely cuts up field for a gain on the play. Instead, Autry forces Kessler to throw the ball away.Autry’s second sack results from another example of effort, combined with a good rush on the outside by Tyquan Lewis. At the snap, Autry finds himself triple-teamed. As the play progresses, he finds himself in a one-on-one situation with the center Shatley. Autry burst by him quickly as Kessler steps up to avoid the outside rish. Lewis deserves the assist here. The next clip is on a run in an important situation. With the Colts trailing by three late in the game, the Jaguars offense faces a huge third and one. Both Hunt and Autry step up in a huge way. Hunt bursts into the backfield and is the primary source of disruption but Autry does a great job of driving guard Chris Reed into the backfield. By driving the guard backward, Autry shuts down any cutback lane. Two gigantic bull rushes shut down this play from the snap.Autry’s most impressive play of the day is also the one he wishes he had back. He is lightning quick off of the line, firing out of his stance. Cann is immediately on his heels, so Autry elects to go around him. Autry swats away Cann’s hands and blows past him for a free shot at the quarterback. Unfortunately, Autry misses and Kessler picks up a big first down and keeps the clock moving. Dishonorable mention to Geathers again as he misses a quarterback in the open field.Our last clip almost turned the tide of the game. Autry tried to swat Cann’s hands away but Cann manages to engage and stalls his initial rush. Autry counters and tosses Cann aside just as Kessler is stepping up in the pocket. Autry hits Kessler and separates him from the ball. If Autry could have held Kessler’s arm or pushed the ball away, Darius Leonard would have had an easy scoop and score. Game of inches I suppose. Regardless, it is a great play by Autry and a sweet end to a career day.AnalysisDenico Autry has been very productive in his first year with the Colts. He and Margus Hunt— when healthy— have formed a pretty passable duo inside for Matt Eberflus. Autry is a solid run defender who gets after it as a pass rusher. He is a good enough to fully take advantage of a poor offensive lineman like A.J Cann.This game was a great example of Autry’s peak on the field. He was hustling all over the place on Sunday and even flashed some really impressive rushes. In run defense, he did a great job of playing his assignment and opening up free shots for the linebackers. His big plays almost led to a victory.To this point, Autry appears to be a solid Ballard signing. While the Colts need to add talent and youth to the defensive line, Autry looks to be a key piece of the rotation going forward. With more performances like this, he could be more than just a rotational piece. Hopefully he can keep up his strong play as the red hot Texans are up next on the schedule.

The draft is where every club can infuse young
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Veteran linebacker will make the call from the podium when Browns are on the clock in Nashville."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Daily Dawg ChowRufio’s PlaybookChristian Kirksey will announce Browns third-round pick in 2019 NFL DraftNew ,13commentsVeteran linebacker will make the call from the podium when Browns are on the clock in Nashville.EDTShareTweetShareShareChristian Kirksey will announce Browns third-round pick in 2019 NFL DraftKen Blaze-USA TODAY SportsCleveland Browns linebacker Christian Kirksey may not be making the decision, but he will be making the call for the team in the third round of the 2019 NFL Draft. The veteran linebacker was among 64 former and current NFL players selected on Thursday to announce the various selections during the NFL Draft, which will take place in Nashville from April 25 through April 27. The Browns announced the news on the team’s website.Selections in the second round will be announced for former first-round selections. While the Browns did not release who that will be, it is a safe bet that the former first-round selections under consideration do not include quarterback Johnny Manziel (2014), cornerback Justin Gilbert (2014) or running back Trent Richardson (2012).The Browns are currently slated to have pick No. 49 in the second round and pick No. 80 in the third round. Kirksey, a third-round selection in the 2014 NFL Draft, is looking to rebound from a 2018 season that was cut short by a hamstring injury that landed him on injured reserve after just seven games. The Browns started their offseason program this week and Kirksey spoke on Tuesday about the increased expectations with Bob Papa and Charlie Weis on The Opening Drive program on Sirius/XM NFL radio:Kirksey is entering his sixth season with the Browns. A full-time starter in 2016 and 2017 David Njoku Jersey , he has totaled 458 tackles, 11.5 sacks and recovered three fumbles. Beat writers ranked every NFL club from 1 to 32"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Daily Dawg ChowRufio’s Rates Browns Draft Number 21Beat writers ranked every NFL club from 1 to Rates Browns Draft Number 21Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsEvery mock draft site has its opinions on which players are rated as the top-flight athletes. And every one of these sites has a completely different viewpoint from the other sites. writers Dan Parr and Gennaro Filice have only one job, and that is to cover the NFL and the happenings of the league. Of course, the most recent event was the NFL college draft held April 25-27 in Nashville. The draft is where every club can infuse young talent and improve every aspect of their roster. And now that the draft has come and gone, Parr and Filice have tabulated their opinions on which clubs did themselves the most good, and which didn’t help themselves that much at all. The duo’s list has the Browns recorded at number 21 with a grade of “B”. That’s 21 out of 32 teams. Part of their reasoning is the lack of a first-round selection since their number 17 slot was part of the trade for All-World wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. Of course Myles Garrett Jersey White , the selection of all of these players won’t be revealed as boom or bust until at least three years from now. Which is also part of Parr’s and Filice’s evaluation. They assess that the Giants needed bodies to help their core right now, not years down the road. They also assert that several blue-chip defensive players, such as DE Josh Allen, LB Devin Bush and DT Ed Oliver, were all sitting there waiting to hear their names called. Here is part of their take on the Browns draft: The two analysts seem ecstatic of how far CB Greedy Williams fell, especially since he was projected in the middle of the first-round and survived until the 46th pick. They like the Browns’ first fifth-round choice of LB Mack Wilson of Alabama, but aren’t sure he is a pass defender which is a pressing need for the Browns.Later Womens David Njoku Jersey , the duo added some thoughts on another need area for the Browns in the defensive backfield: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY SportsThe Browns have two picks that could become starters in Week 1 with Williams and Redwine, plus added depth on the offensive line with OG Drew Forbes from Southeast Missouri. The analysts then closed out their assessment:Other AFC North teams ranked were the Bengals at number 10 (grade A-), the Ravens at number 12 with a “B+” grade, and the Steelers at number 26 (B-).

It also required the parks and recreation
Posted On 01/07/2020 22:40:46
KENNER Frank Gore Jersey , La. (AP) — The mayor of a New Orleans suburb said Wednesday he is rescinding his order banning his city’s recreation department from purchasing Nike products for use at city recreation facilities.Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn said at a news conference that he did so on the advice of the city attorney.“That memorandum divided our city and placed Kenner in a false and unflattering light on the national stage,” Zahn added.Last week’s order in a memo from Zahn came days after the athletic apparel maker began using former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in an ad campaign. Kaepernick ignited a firestorm in 2016 when he began kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and social injustice.Zahn’s order had drawn strong criticism in and outside the city. Louisiana’s chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union had called for him to rescind it earlier Wednesday.Issued quietly last week, Zahn’s memorandum last week said Nike products could not be purchased for use at the city’s recreation facilities. It also required the parks and recreation department director to approve all athletic purchases by booster clubs using their facilities.Kaepernick’s name was never mentioned in the memo, nor did Zahn mention it in a Monday statement clarifying his position. In the statement Monday , Zahn said while he applauded Nike’s message of inclusion, the company was promoting a “political message” to sell shoes.Protests of the move included a Monday evening rally by hundreds of people, including Cam Jordan, Terron Armstead and Craig Robertson of the New Orleans Saints‘ football team. The Urban League of Louisiana questioned the legality of the memo and the ACLU on Wednesday said it violates the First Amendment.Zahn was unapologetic at Wednesday’s news conference.“My patriotism will not waiver Womens Ronnie Lott Jersey ,” he said. “But my focus needs to be on the city of Kenner and the many great projects we have in store for our city.”Kenner is a city of about 67,000 residents in Jefferson Parish and is home to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. The 49ers would love to upgrade at left tackle, after Joe Staley‘s injury.But coach Kyle Shanahan knows those guys don’t grow on trees, especially not in September.Via Jennifer Lee Chan of C. J. Beathard Jersey White , Shanahan said he’s prepared to go with rookie Justin Skule for now, after Staley suffered a broken fibula. They were already down veteran swing tackle Shon Coleman, who suffered an ankle injury and is out for the year.Shanahan said they’d look, but he didn’t seem hopeful of finding anything.“Always Cassius Marsh Jersey White ,” Shanahan said. “We would love to if there were options. You look at anything that’s possible. I don’t think that there are a ton of options out there that are possible. . . .“We kept Skule because we thought he was the best available. So that doesn’t change now. I think that Skule is going to get a lot better throughout his career but we kept him on this team because he can help us win now.”Shanahan said he didn’t want to move right tackle Mike McGlinchey, so for now, they’re hoping Skule can hold down the position for six-to-eight weeks until Staley might return.Of course, Washington’s Trent Williams wants out , but there’s no indication that mess is coming to a head anytime soon.

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