21st Century Children
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The life of a child in the 21st century to a great extent is different from the life of children in the past centuries. The century brings incredible changes in different fields and affects children the most, either directly or indirectly. Several fields such as education, technology, child rights and freedom influence children lives in the 21st century. The sphere of technology, for instance, has greatly changed the way children socialize. This is because it has turned the world into a global village therefore making it easier for children across the world to interact. Education in the current society is a necessity in life. This has made children nowadays get more involved in gaining education than in the past century.

Children in this century have more responsibilities than in previous centuries. So as to ensure a good future life, children should take more responsibilities related to the current lifestyle than in the past. They have to get into activities directed towards enhancing their future careers. Children get more involved in sports, education, and other activities that directly affect their future careers. We can confidently say that this century has made children more responsible than they were in the past. As compared to the past century where the lives of children were directed towards a given objective, the diverse nature of current life allots children various responsibilities. Basically, nowadays, children are responsible for all the activities they take part in that may affect their lives. Children are continuously oozing their abilities to empathize given the current media exposure that somehow changes their personalities, which come in handy with children’s rights. As compared to the past century, now, the law gives children more rights.


The onset of the 21st century gave a lot of weight to the field of education. In the current times, education is a necessity in life if an individual wants to be recognized in the society. This factor changed the lives of children all over the world. By the time a child reaches school age, most children across the world tend to spend a lot of their time in school. Starting right from elementary education to high school, all the way to university, children have to devote most of their time to studying. As compared to the past centuries whereby survival depended entirely on the fittest, the current century implies that only well-educated people have a better chance of survival. Attaining education is one of the most important tasks in the current world. The continuous discovery of facts around the world means that the information is passed to the younger and coming generations. It is, therefore, the responsibility of children to get the knowledge and pass it over.


The freedoms that children of the 21st century have are liberal in relation to those of the previous generations. The means of punishing the children have also been revolutionized. That is why it is important to have a lot at essay on corporal punishment. The use of the Constitution is vital in determining these freedoms. These freedoms differ in different regions of the world. They include the right to education, discipline and rehabilitation, sexual involvement, and use of drugs and controlled substances. Children in most parts of the world are obligated to get primary, or rather, basic education according to the Constitution. This came as one of the Millennium Development Goals. This is to ensure the creation of an enlightened generation. The 21st century children are subject to different means of discipline as compared to the previous generations. Crimes committed by children can possibly be classified as juvenile for less harsh punitive measures. Furthermore, corporal punishment of children within schools is gradually being phased out and replaced by the use of less violent and coercive punishments. Children rights groups advocate for avoiding unnecessary force in rehabilitating children. The age of consent in sexual activities for children has been included in numerous constitutions around the world. The marriage within teenage years is illegal in numerous parts of the world. Statutory rape is having sexual intercourse with an underage person. Use of alcohol and cigarettes is also illegal for the 21st century children until they reach a legal age, which varies from 18 to 21 years within most countries. Laws are more involved in the freedoms and rights of children in the 21st century.


Technology plays a significant role in the life of a 21st century child. The use of technological gadgets is ubiquitous; they have become so simple that children can easily use them. Mobile phones, computers, music players, the Internet, and vehicles are just a few of gadgets that this generation of children can use. Most frequently, children utilize technology associated with socialization. Schools and other organizations also go out of their way to make them conversant with the use of various technologies as they are becoming necessary assets in everyday life. This makes children extremely versatile in various fields of life.


As much as children of the 21st century have covered significant milestones as compared to the previous generations, they are yet to reap the benefits of living in this century. Children in the developing and war-torn countries (case in point the Dadaab war victims) as well as remote areas have been denied their rights stipulated by world organizations. These children still cannot satisfy their basic needs let alone the perquisites of being the 21st century children.


In conclusion, children within the 21st century have a different lifestyle compared to the previous generations. They have a responsibility to attain independence as soon as possible with any activities that they have in their revised and more efficient education systems. This is different from education based on gender or race. They are protected by the Constitution regarding education, discipline, and other issues. Technology use among children has been on an exponential rise. However, some children still face numerous challenges due to various limiting reasons despite living in the century of enlightened opinions and numerous opportunities.


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