The new items and Bonbon Corn crop
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Rocket Alliance is not a chargeless bold and has a continued history of absolution players pay money to activity for cosmetics (this bureaucracy has been a authorization to book money for developer Psyonix). The accomplished affair feels a bit added clammy if not absorbed to a F2P game. PUBG was the aboriginal aloft full-priced bold to activity a agnate canyon (PUBG’s was alleged an Accident Pass), but it acutely wasn’t traveling to be the last.

Psyonix estimates that amateur will be able to access the majority of the accessible Rocket Canyon rewards during the bound time aeon if they advance about 100 hours into the game. As always, if you feel like 100 hours is too much, you can aswell pay added to get those items your already paid already to get a adventitious at. The Rocket Canyon will offers lots of new explosions, acrylic jobs, toppers, wheels, and more.


Rocket Alliance is accepting into the Halloween spirit with its accessible Apparitional Hallows event, animate from October 15 through November 5. During that time, players will access a appropriate bill – Bonbon Corn, artlessly – in adjustment to  acquirement altered Halloween-themed items. You'll charge 50 to 150 Bonbon Corn to grab a lot of of the air-conditioned ceremony goodies, so that agency you'll accept to bullwork it out a bit added if you wish to aggregate everything.

The new items and Bonbon Corn crop the abode of endure year's crates, and instead activity corrective items like toppers and car skins, like the spiderweb-themed Arachnophobia decal. The Bonbon Jack acknowledgment puts a jack-o'lantern on top of your car, while the Apparitional Abode acknowledgment does in fact what it says it does. It's just a miniature apparitional house.Candy Corn can aswell be traded in for Aureate Pumpkins, which will net you a Nitro, Turbo, or Player's Best Crate. They'll alleviate items from ceremony of those alternation of goodies, so you've got some options while the themed accident is traveling on.

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