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Posted On 12/26/2011 04:22:01 by qianxun11
 Type of silk - There are 2 Burberry online types of silks used for silk sheets - cultivated and wild.  The filaments of the cultivated silk are longer and more durable making them a recommended choice over wild silk for silk bedding.  For silk sheets durability is a very important factor so it is important to take that into consideration.  Cultivated silk sheets are more expensive but when the cost per use and durability are considered  it  is a better choice.  Cultivate silk is also known as Mulberry Silk.  Popular choices for silk Mulberry outlet bedding are Charmeuse,and  Habotai which are more affordable and Cultivated or Mulberry Silk which is a better option.There are many reasons why one might want to buy silk sheets.  Whatever the reason, one must have a little knowledge to be able to make an informed decision and be able to pick the correct silk bedding.
Weight of silk- When picking Mulberry sale silk sheets and silk bedding it is very important to look at the momme weight and the thread count.   Since silk is such a fine fabric it is measured in momme rather than in thread per count.  Normally, for other sheets the threads per inch are used to determine the quality.  The higher  the thread count the better the sheets are.   Momme weight is the weight of the silk used for the silk sheets.  The higher the momme count the better the silk sheets.  The lower the count indicates that thesilk sheets are thin and won't be very durable.  12-19 is the perfect momme weight for silSk sheets.  Don't completely disregard the thread count.  A 400 thread count combined with cultivated silk makes a perfect choice when buying silk Burberry online shop sheets that will be high quality and durable.Silk versus satin - sometimes there can be confusion between satin and silk.  Satin refers to the weave while silk refers to the fiber.  Satin weave produces a smooth and shiny surface.


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