Servers Need to Wait in Line When Wow Launches in Europe
Posted On 01/10/2020 02:59:06 by Lolgaywh

Although Blizzard has been working to reintroduce this experience in retail WoW, a combination of difficulty, reduced hand-holding, and PvP chaos made vanilla Azeroth a far more daunting, and therefor epic place to exist. In the story in modern WoW, your character is regarded as a hero of the Horde (or Alliance ... ahem). You mingle with kings and generals, destroy world-killing gods, and lay waste to entire armies. In vanilla, there was very much the sense that you were merely a soldier, part of a wider, more dangerous world.

Now, I remember server queues for World of Warcraft back when it launched in Europe, and I'd often have time to make a cup of tea and sometimes even shove a tin of beans down my gob as I waited to get in on the MMO action. So a server queue here or there for WoW Classic would probably just fuel the novelty of my trip down MMOBC memory lane. “After further review and consideration of your feedback, we will launch WoW Classic in the European region with French and German realms, in addition to the expected English and Russian realms”, Blizzard writes. “This will allow WoW Classic players in Europe who wish to communicate with others in French or German to start in those languages from day one.”

“I’ve got a small update here to help quell some of the rumors and let you know where we are at for WoW Classic”, community manager Bornakk wrote on the official World of Warcraft forums. “We recently began a phase of internal employee alpha testing. The new build data that many of you have been discussing over the last few days is simply part of this process. Phases like this allow us to test out the game content along with other functionality that will be used in the live game, like logging in through the Blizzard 62 App.”



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