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hamilton automatic watch Hamilton has been paying attention to its past recently. There are many models in the "heritage" series, including the internal timekeeper of the 1970s and, of course, the military inspired, easy-to-use and cool looking Khaki field mechanical. It's true that these series have many places to visit. Today, Swatch's brand has adopted another glorious military model, the W10, and has been reissued (very) faithfully. Let's take a look at the Hamilton Kaqi pilot's mechanical watch. "Classic American spirit of freedom" sounds like the slogan of the presidential campaign, but Hamilton conveyed the idea to the Swiss watchmaking industry. The results show that the works are fashionable but reasonable in price. Let's take a closer look at the services that most American and Swiss brands can provide through the classic American Free Spirit car.

"Without freedom, life is pain," says the strap of the new watch from Hamilton, a Swiss watch company No, it's not a quote from the Bush era speech that declared war. On the contrary. This is actually a reference to the name of watch company Andrew Hamilton. Hamilton was founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (even though it is now owned by Switzerland, the brand was originally American), and has always been an important supplier of military watches. If you look at the Khaki field machine series, you will immediately notice the military inspiration, as this table is a reprint of Hamilton's "hacked" model in the mid-20th century. buying replica watch

replica luxury watchess Faithful to the original model, and with reliable manual upper chain movement, the proportion is limited. This series of products has become popular, especially considering its price is about 500 euros. Here again use the same formula, and draw new inspiration, Hamilton W10. From 1973 to 1976, the table was again issued by the military and produced for the Department of defence. W10 is mainly released to pilots. The case has a unique helmet shape from the 1970s, but the rest retains the elements found in the Dirty Dozen Watch: a matte black dial, a railway minute track, luminous hands and markers.

However, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the beautiful old-fashioned military watch. What's more impressive - which will be re released later - is that it's so faithful. In fact, khaki pilot pioneer mechanical is almost a one-to-one version of W10. Starting from the case, Hamilton retains the typical pilot shaped case of 1970s, which has an integrated ear and a slightly depressed crown. As with the original case, the case is matted to avoid reflections - the surface is completely polished (including vertical galling on the sides). At the top of the watch, we have the only real evolution in the form of hardened mineral crystals.

However, jacob & co astronomia replica is still box like like the original plexiglass, which will provide better scratch resistance. The case is fixed in place by four screws, and the water-proof depth of the watch is up to 100m. Now, let's talk about dimensions Although most retro versions tend to grow in size to meet modern standards, Hamilton did not use this technique. Khaki field mechanical has a 38mm case. This new Hamilton Khaki pilot pioneer mechanical is completely faithful to the original model This means 36 mm (from 3 to 9) and 33 mm (from 12 to 6). Yes, you read very well. A brand dares to launch a men's special tool table with a diameter of only 36mm in 2019. Such is the case. On the wrist, due to the limited size, khaki pilot pioneer mechanical retains the charm of the old table. It's compact, comfortable, and surprisingly never felt small.

The barrel shape of the case gives it a bigger look than the number, and the fact that you wear it on the NATO strap also expands the size of the watch (it has storm grey fabrics as well as old-fashioned - looking brown leather). We really appreciate Hamilton's decision to keep the original size! Hamilton Kaqi pilot pioneer mechanical dial is also very important in history, need to pay attention to some small changes. The surface texture of the dial is rough, which can avoid reflection (which is very effective), and its granular texture reminds people of cameras or binoculars before the digital era. The white Arabic numbers are the same as the W10, on the rails and on the glow marks - definitely the inspiration for the mod. The nickel plated hands also have some Beige (imitation copper green) luminescent materials. The only development involved deleting the "t" and arrow on the dial.

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