Migration and Immigration
Posted On 11/11/2019 06:29:23 by halliegreen

Nowadays, migration is one of the most topical issues and most discussed by essay writers online, because people started to change their locations rapidly. The reasons of the increase in global migration and immigration are different: work, education, search of better conditions of life, wars and armed conflicts, persecutions, reunion with families, etc. The United States of America is one of the most popular countries for immigrants; the American multicultural society is a result and proof of this fact.

It is possible to suppose that there is no nationality, which cannot be found here. The largest groups of immigrants are represented by the people from Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico, India, China, Vietnam, Canada, Cuba, and El Salvador. The number of immigrants is permanently increasing due to the problems in developing countries. People are forced to search for a place where their income will let them live and not survive, not be afraid of death, punishment or prison, and where their families will be able to forget about some awful stories of difficult past.

Of course, not every immigrant finds the perfect life in the United States, because the number of those who desire to coexist and enjoy life in the same place is quite large. Nevertheless, the USA tries to develop various projects, strategies, and programs that raise awareness about refugees’ and immigrants’ life. Modern education pays a lot of attention to multicultural coexistence; for example, there is a major called Multicultural Nursing. The reason is that new specialists of various fields should consider the particularities of immigrants. Policies should be reviewed to take into account their needs. Therefore, I think that the United States is truly inclusive to immigrants.

Immigration has both positive and negative sides. It is beneficial that American citizens have a chance to discover other cultures and religions even without moving to distant corners of the world. In this way, they learn how to live together and respect human beings of different backgrounds. However, it is destructive that some representatives of both Americans and immigrants are too ignorant and start conflicts because of skin color, ethnicity, or religion. There is also an opinion that immigrants may steal jobs from Americans. It is senseless, because only knowledge and skills should be a decisive factor in job selection. The job can be stolen by a person who is more qualified than you, and immigration plays no role in this situation.

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