Compare Shopping Online with Traditional Shopping
Posted On 11/05/2019 03:33:54 by emilystafford

Trade is an essential part of the modern world. The technological progress has influenced different spheres of social life and shopping as well. The Internet represents a new type of shopping – e-shopping with a lot of benefits. Although it gives more abilities to customers, traditional shopping is also still popular. Traditional and online shopping has both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages of e-shopping are convenience, the economy of the customer’s time, good price, more shopping abilities; disadvantages – lack of social factor, delivery and return policy, moreover, not all goods can be retailed online.

One of the main advantages of online shopping is its convenience. Making purchases with comfort from home in front of the computer is very important to the consumer. On the other hand, e-shopping cannot propose face-to-face communication. Buying things online, people cannot find customer recognition. On the contrary, traditional shopping gives customers a feeling of recognition and that they are welcome. That is why so-called “corner shops” are constantly opened and their main benefit is service. Traditional shopping is a kind of human activity. One can spend a nice time in the shopping center, have a mug of coffee at the cafe, or just meet friends and go shopping together.

One should admit that online shopping also saves the customer's time. There is no need to spend time in traffic jams, or to find free parking places near the shopping malls, or even worse, to go from one shop to another in order to find the necessary thing. When doing e-shopping, it takes only some minutes to access the store and then make a choice. However, you cannot touch the product, try it, taste or feel it. In some cases, seeing the purchase is very important for the customer. Most people cannot buy a car or some real estate without looking at it. Hence, consumers prefer traditional shopping in such cases.

People from small towns can buy the same things as people from metropolises using e-shopping. The Internet gives people the same rights and abilities. Moreover, a lot of traditional shops have an online presence such as Nordstrom’s, Best Buy, and Albertson’s.

Better prices of online shopping also attract a lot of people. Choosing e-shopping, a consumer just need to press the button and he/she becomes the owner of the best-priced thing. However, in traditional shops, customers can buy things in a sale. When this hot time comes, people crowd in the shopping malls trying to be the first.

A very serious disadvantage of online shopping is its delivery and return policy. The customer may return or change the thing very easy in traditional shops. However, people face a lot of problems doing the same in e-shopping. Some items cannot be returned; sometimes, clients have to pay for shipping a thing back. Unfortunately, due to some issues, for example, bad postal service, a client gets a product later than expected. That is the reason why some clients prefer traditional shopping. Besides, there are a large number of goods people urgently need every day. If one needs bread, some milk or formula for the baby, he/she goes to the store to have these things right now.


To conclude, both e-shopping and traditional shopping have advantages. They both complement each other. Of course, online shopping becomes more and more popular. Convenience, time, and price are the main benefits of online shopping. However, traditional shopping still plays a very significant social role as a “social hub”; it is a community resource that forms a sense of identity. It is not important what type of shopping do people prefer. They all have different demands, needs, and desires. The main thing is that they can make purchases in a way that suits them the best. One more benefit of this that students can find lab report help or another kind of help online. It makes the educational process easier. 

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