How to remain focused while studying and to avoid distractions?
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With technological advancements, distractions are everywhere. We want to stay focused while studying but it just doesn’t quite happen that way. And in order to score well, we must give our undivided attention to our books.

I think it’s safe to say that Albert Einstein had far fewer distractions back then which is why he knew how to get the most out of his hours unlike us where we are constantly distracted by our cellphones, friends, TV and many more.

Zero distractions is equal to more production.

Believe me, when I say that I have tried different ways in keeping myself focused. I even promised myself that I will focus on my studies but it didn’t work out. We’ve all done that. We’ve all been there.

According to a study at University of California, it can take an average of 20 minutes to regain the earlier level of concentration after an interruption. By quickly replying to a text can set you back at least 20 minutes.  Imagine how much productive time you might have lost every time you replied to a text.

One of the basic reasons why we get distracted during our study hours is our lack of interest on the subject. But if we plan it out properly then we might come up with a solution. So why don’t you keep reading and check out my ideas on how to remain focused while studying and not get distracted.

How to remain focused while studying?

1.       Find “Why”?

Chalk out the reasons why you just can’t concentrate on the subject you are studying. Is it because you are not interested in the subject? Is it because there’s lack of motivation?

Do you get distracted while watching Netflix or YouTube? Do you ever get distracted while scrolling through Facebook?

I hardly think so.

You never put off Facebook or Netflix. You never tell yourself that you will do it later. Why? Because you are simply have interest in it. But when it comes to studying that boring history paper it’s just un-doable.

So how do we keep ourselves interested in studying that boring topic? Tell yourself why you’re doing it. The reason is simple. You want to score good grades and excel in your career so that you have a bright and happy future.

Sometimes we even require help while doing our assignments or writing our paper. Don’t worry. That’s where Makemepass comes into the picture. We have a team of professional experts who can help you in times like this.

So every day before you sit to study just remind yourself why you’re doing it and I am sure it should be enough to keep you motivated

2.       Avoid Social Media and Cellphone Distractions

Sometimes it feels like social media and cellphones have taken over our lives because we can’t live without it for one instant. Distractions come way easier when there’s a cellphone right next to you vibrating away. It’s not that we don’t realize that it is a distraction. We do. The problem is that we can’t seem to avoid it.

·         Separate yourself from your cellphone: While studying just put your cellphone away. Give it to a parent perhaps, for the time being. Put it on silent mode and put it miles away from you. That way you won’t get distracted that easily

·         Internet must go off: Switch off your phone’s internet so you don’t get distracted by the notifications coming in every second.

It is our reflex these days to check our phones every now and then to check for new notifications. But at what cost? Do you really want to get distracted from your studies and score poor grades just because of a notification? I really think that you can do better than that.

3.       Self-control is key:

We are often distracted by thoughts coming in our heads every now and then. “Where should I go on a vacation this year?” “What if I don’t score well this semester?” “What did she mean when she said that?”

Such unnecessary thoughts can come in anytime while we are studying, distracting us again. But how can we possibly stop our thoughts?

·         Become aware of the thought

·         Keep a Distraction Tracker handy

·         Deal with the thought after your study session

Ask yourself that does it really make any difference thinking about where you should go for a vacation or what she said or whether or not you are going to score well. The fact is that do your best. Tell yourself that it was the best that you could possibly do and then let it go. Controlling your thoughts and not getting distracted will help you to go a long way.

I understand that avoiding distractions is no easy talk. You have to make the choice to deliberately choose your career and studies over the distractions. Remember that distractions will not pay your bills or buy you cute stuff. Having a bright career will. So Good Luck!


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